My Stanford Diary

By Nivedita Singh

My #StanfordDiary Feeling elated to be spearheading the new TEAM-CBT techniques in India & Asia. This is literally #CBT on steroids ….!

A journey that started a year back culminated with the fall semester (2019) at #StanfordUniversity. It was a mind blowing experience to undergo intensive classroom & personal training under coach & mentor Dr. David Burns, a pioneer in the development of cognitive therapy & creator of the new TEAM therapy. Dr Burns is a clinical adjunct emeritus Professor of psychiatry at the Stanford Medical School.

There were times when the mountain trail was our practice track & nature our co-therapist! Where learning was coupled with love, warmth, laughter & indulgence!

It felt surreal as one made a place for ones self at the high table. Where discussions centred around testing, the 5 secrets of effective communication, melting away resistance, the role of paradoxical agenda setting, the magic dial, externalisation of voices, individual & interpersonal downward arrow & a 150 other brilliant methods.

Capturing the best moments of life … while FEELING GOOD.